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Posted - 18/05/2011 :  17:48:18  Show Profile
Hola, estoy trabajando con unos servidores de acceso a internet (hotspot) de una web (http://www.hotspotsystem.com) que funcionan cambiandole el firmware a los routers linksys para que se puedan configurar para conectarse a sus servidores radius usando "Chillisopt".
Mi pregunta es saber si se puede configurar un lobo para no tener que poner estos routers de linksys entre el lobo y la conexión a internet.
Los datos de configuración que me dan del chillispot son:

Set the Chillispot settings (DD-WRT: Services > HotSpot)

Chillispot > Enable

Separate Wifi from the LAN Bridge > Enable

Primary Radius Server IP/DNS > radius.hotspotsystem.com

Backup Radius Server IP/DNS > radius2.hotspotsystem.com

DNS IP > Enter your ISP's DNS IP address here

Redirect URL > https://www.hotspotsystem.com/customer/hotspotlogin.php

Shared Key > hotsys123

DHCP Interface > WLAN or ath0 for DD-WRT Professional

Radius NAS ID > YOUROPERATORID_YOURLOCATIONID (for example youroperatorusername or youroperatorusername_2 for location #2 - remember to use your own operator username!)

UAM Secret > hotsys123

UAM Any DNS > 1

UAM Allowed > hotspotsystem.com,customer.hotspotsystem.com
(we will add more URLS to the additional options)

MACauth > Disable

Additional Chillispot Options >

uamhomepage https://customer.hotspotsystem.com/customer/index.php?operator=YOUROPERATORID&location=YOURLOCATIONID
coaport 3799
domain key.chillispot.info
uamallowed www.paypal.com,www.paypalobjects.com
uamallowed www.worldpay.com,select.worldpay.com,secure.ims.worldpay.com,www.rbsworldpay.com,secure.wp3.rbsworldpay.com
uamallowed www.hotspotsystem.com,customer.hotspotsystem.com,tech.hotspotsystem.com
uamallowed a1.hotspotsystem.com,a2.hotspotsystem.com,a3.hotspotsystem.com,a4.hotspotsystem.com,a5.hotspotsystem.com,a6.hotspotsystem.com
uamallowed a7.hotspotsystem.com,a8.hotspotsystem.com,a9.hotspotsystem.com,a10.hotspotsystem.com

HTTP Redirect > Disable

NoCatSplash > Disable

SMTP Redirect > Disable

These were the basic functions. Remember that the time zone settings are very important to set as described in STEP 3. It is also important that the device always has to get the current time information in GMT from the internet.

For HotSpot Alert you will need to set some additional commands in your CRON:

1 * * * * root /usr/bin/wget http://tech.hotspotsystem.com/up.php?mac=MACADDRESS\&nasid=YOUROPERATORID_YOURLOCATIONID\&uptime=`uptime|sed s/" "/\%20/g|sed s/:/\%3A/g|sed s/,/\%2C/g` -O /tmp/up.html

where MACADDRESS is your machine's mac address, YOUROPERATORID is your operator username and YOURLOCATIONID is your location number.
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